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Powershell – Move files older than given days


Script below will move files from source to destination that match the given extension or all files if no extension is provided. The files older then 30 days are moved by default. you can specify the number of days using the -olderthandays parameter.

param (
[int]$olderthandays = 30
$lwt = (get-date).AddDays(-$olderthandays)
if(!(Test-Path $source)){
Write-Output "Source directory does not exist."
if(!(Test-Path $destination)){
Write-Output "Source directory does not exist."
if($olderthandays -lt 0){
Write-Output "You can't provide a negative number of days. If you want everything deleted simply provide 0 for number of days."
for ($i=0;$i -lt $exten.count;$i++){
$exten[$i] = "."+$exten[$i]
foreach ($e in $exten){
Get-ChildItem $source -ErrorAction Stop -Filter "*$e" | ?{$_.LastWriteTime -lt $lwt} |
Move-item $_.FullName $destination -ErrorAction Stop
Write-Output "Something went wrong while moving items. Aborted operation."

Have fun.

August 3, 2016 PowerShell, Script, Uncategorised, Windows Jd
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