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Troublshooting fail2ban setup


OK so you have followed my post “Securing SSH with fail2ban on CentOS” and still can’t get it to work ? No worries I had the same problem and this post outlines how I fixed it.

After installing fail2ban I deliberately tried a few failed log-in attempts from another machine and realized it was not working. After some digging around i realized that even though I had changed the timezone of my system but somehow the logs still had an invalid time stamp and thus fail2ban was unable to properly compare the system time with the time stamps in the logs. This is what I did to fix it.

It has the zone set to UTC so I changed it to my local timezone and restarted the rsyslog service.

And that’s it. Fail2ban started working like a charm. Hope this helps 🙂

February 5, 2015 Security Jd

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