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DNS and Glue Records


Glue records is a concept I was not familiar with till I decided to host my personal domain just for the purpose of learning. When you buy a domain you have to define your name servers. For example, you buy a new domain and the name servers authoritative for this domain are: and

But what is the IP address for these servers ? You can’t resolve any host name for the domain  if you can’t get to the name server that knows it. That’s why we use glue records. Through your domain name registrar you will be able to create glue record that tells the world the IP address for your name servers so others can talk to it to resolve host names you have setup through your DNS server.

You will still have to add an A record for your name servers in your zone file like

ns1     IN      A

n2      IN      A

February 5, 2015 DNS Jd

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